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Montreal Bookmark Printing
Bookmarks - a timeless & practical advertising material

Even with the current popularity of eBooks and tablets, it’s impossible to imagine a world without books and, therefore, bookmarks. These printed strips of material help readers find their place in a book when they have to quickly lay their book aside. Thanks to bookmarks, readers can quickly find their page and continue reading.

For many people, reading is a way to relax and enjoy a moment of peace after a stressful workday. The positive emotions created by reading are supported and associated with bookmarks. Make the most of these positive moments and transform bookmarks into your brand ambassador. Remind your customers of your company every time they open their book. Customise your bookmarks to make them as unique as your business - there’s plenty of scope for original designs and ideas. A well-designed bookmark can help a great deal with promoting your business or services - and every time a reader opens their book, they will see your bookmark.

Bookmark 2 "x 7" 4/4, on a cardboard mat or glossy 12pts Bookmark 2 "x 7" 4/4, mat or glossy laminate on a cardboard mat or glossy 12pts

  • Versatile branding printed to last
  • Durable cardstock choices
  • Gloss or matte coatings
  • Fast turnaround
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